Why You Should Use NAD+ Supplement

uses of NAD

NAD+ or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide has many health benefits for the body. This molecule activates sirtuins making it an effective anti-aging and is able to give healthy circadian rhythm and generate energy in different mitochondrial-tissues such as the liver, brain and muscles. So how does NAD+ help your body?

By taking NR supplementation, you increase NAD+ that helps to activate a number of enzymes such as sirtuins. These are enzymes that prevent you from aging prematurely. The other enzymes are PARPs and they repair DNA in your body. CD38 enzymes are also a product of NAD+ and they are an immune system receptor that plays a huge role in the secretion of glucose-induced insulin.

Muscle Function

NAD helps to restore muscle mass and preserve it. This was seen in a research done on mice. As they aged they maintained their muscles and no damage occurred. Their exercise capacity did not decrease and remained functional. They were not affected my mitochondrial, a disease that wastes the muscles. This means consumption of NAD+ will improve mitochondrial and keep muscles strong regardless of the age.

Helps to fight Cancer

NAD+ can help reduce the growth of cancerous tumors. If the body has low NAD+ molecules, the DNA gets damages, which allows tumors and cancer to thrive. By taking supplements, the body is protected against oxidative damage and cancer progression.

Helps to manage Diabetes

When tested on a prediabetic mice, NAD+ increased glucose tolerance while reducing eight and liver damage. For mice with diabetes type 2, this molecule lowered levels of sugar in the blood and provided protection against nerve problems cause by diabetes.

Offers Protection to the Brain

NAD metabolism helps to protect the brain by protecting the brain nerve cells. It does this through the activation of PGC1a (R) and SIRT3 (R). NAD+ also delays axonal degeneration and this in turn preserves the cells. Alzheimer’s disease patients showed enhanced cognitive function and decreased progression of the diseases within three months of using NAD+.

Good for the Liver

Taking NAD+ orally either as a supplement or in food helps to keep the liver healthy.  It stops the accumulation of fat and lowers oxidative stress and improves insulin sensitivity.

Keeps the ears healthy

NAD+ prevents deafness caused by noise. It is effective in reduction of degeneration of nerve cells and so even if one is exposed to lot of noise, the ears will not be affected. SIRT3 helps to prevent this kind of hearing loss.

Increased metabolism

NAD+ increases energy in the body and this enhances metabolism. Due to increase of enzymes used in burning fat, NAD+ helps in weight loss.

By using NAD+ supplements or a diet rich in this supplement, you can prolong your life. Supplementation ensures the muscles remain strong. With NAD+, your body does not have to fight against unhealthy fat and slows progression of some diseases.