The Advantages of NAD+ Supplementation over NR and NMN

NAD health benefits

NAD+ has several advantages over Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) when it comes to the treatment and prevention of various diseases. This is made possible by the molecular components of NAD+ that enable it to cross the cd43 blood barrier and enter the hypothalamus intact. NMN and NR cannot pass the cd43 blood barrier or increase NAD+ levels and are therefore limited in their operations.

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Weight Control

NAD and weight loss

Exogenous NAD+ raises the levels of NAD+ in the hypothalamus, a factor that reduces the feelings of hunger and increases the consumption of energy and fat. The hypothalamus controls the body’s metabolic rate and all the functions of the body. This makes NAD+ a useful component for weight control measures.

Prevents Liver Damage

NAD Prevents Liver Damage

NAD+ prevents liver damage since it is directly supplied into the bloodstream and does not depend on the liver for circulation. NMN and NR are inhibited by homeostasis since they have to be filtered and may end up damaging the liver. NAD+ prevents liver damage by reducing doxorubicin, increasing anti-oxidation and preventing DNA damage.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment with NAD

The light molecular nature of NAD+ makes it ideal for the treatment of more diseases as compared to NMN. It is used for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction as it can cross the cd43 blood-brain barrier to reach neurotransmitters and serotonin, which are crucial proper brain balance and efficient neurological function. NAD+ is used to relieve patients of excessive fatigue and mood disorders.

Treatment of Heart Disease

NAD and heart Disease

NAD+ is used for the treatment of heart disease and prevention of stroke. The supplementation of exogenous NAD+ replenishes the hearts intracellular NAD+ levels to prevent a cardiac hypertrophic response and other likely complications.

Prevent Brain and Organ Damage

NAD Prevents Brain and Organ Damage

Recent research and studies show that NAD+ is highly effective in the prevention of brain damage since it reaches the brain faster than NR and NMN. NAD+ can penetrate all the brain cells, precisely those in the hypothalamus and prevent injury by restoring the intracellular NAD+ levels on time. Once the hypothalamus is stabilized, then all the other organs and functions are easily regulated to facilitate surgical procedures.

Enhanced Cognitive Capacity

NAD Enhances Cognitive Capacity

NAD+ can penetrate the brain cells smoothly as compared to NR and NMN. NAD+ IV therapy improves neuron function; prevent brain cell damage and death from toxic materials and results in enhanced mitochondrial function. A healthy brain enables you to remain active, make better decisions and be more productive. NAD+ is vital in the prevention of memory loss as a result of neurodegeneration and Alzheimer’s disease.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Anti-Inflammatory Properties in NAD

Enzymes known as sirtuins are concerned with the regulation of inflammation in the body. Sirtuins depend on NAD+ to start and stop protective passages that are linked to several age-related ailments. This means that, with the help of NAD+, sirtuins can automatically activate or deactivate particular genes. Inflammation causes extensive damage to DNA: high NAD+ levels activate enzymes that prevent damage and repair DNA thus resulting in healthier body cells and longevity.