Is NAD+ Supplement the Anti-aging Pill and


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD+ is a coenzyme that other enzymes need to carry out its functions in the body.  The coenzyme is what gives you energy from the food you eat; it does protect your cells from stress, maintains a healthy sleep cycle, and works overtime to repair damaged DNA cells.

In your biology class, you may have heard of the terms NAD+ and NADH when the teacher was talking about the Krebs cycle (the process by which cells generate energy to power your body functions). NAD operates by shuffling electrons is what helps enzymes to work which will, in turn, activate chemical reactions within the cells to maintain a healthy status.

It’s Role in Getting Energy from Food


Conversion of energy, protein, carbohydrates, and fats require the presence of NAD. The same way maintaining glucose levels in the blood when you are asleep and the generation of Ketones requires the presence of NADH. The chemical reaction-taking place means that NADH is reoxidized to NAD+ and vice versa. The reverse reactions are what make the muscles active, transmitting communication through the nerves.





Levels of NAD+ in Aging

Your cells use NAD+ to ensure that sirtuin protein is active. Sirtuin is that protein which regulates pathways protecting your cells from age-related aging. Telomeres tend to have a long life when sirtuin is in abundance.  The length of telomeres when measured can tell who will get diseases early in life and who dies early. To sustain your telomeres, you need a good supply of NAD+ to ensure longevity.

The fact is NAD+ levels drop as you advance in age because of a compound called CD-38 that destroys NAD+, which is not a bad thing when the destruction takes place proportionally. CD-38 is what keeps your NAD+ from getting too high and messing your sleep patterns and hunger cycles. The balance between CD-38 and NAD+ increases CD-38 and reduces NAD+.

NAD+ Increase Cell Resistance to Stress

More studies are coming out to show that NAD+ protects your cells from stress as well as protecting the brain. It is now possible to measure the rate of cell survival when under stress. As usual, the Sirtuins will protect cells against oxidative stress because of the presence of NAD+. A healthy cell with the right amount of NAD+ keeps you strong and resilient when facing stressing situations.

NAD+ Helps in DNA Repair

DNA repair needs NAD+ to revive cell from damages throughout your life cycle. The negative in NAD is transferred to where there is damage to initiate the repair process. This change will reduce the NAD+ supply and require a lot of time and nutrients to restore. Replenishing NAD+ increase lifespan in animals because of its efficiency in DNA repair.

NAD+ Helps in Eating and Sleeping at the Right Time

NAD+ acquired through NAD supplements has an active role in sleep cycles and managing hunger patterns. Circadian rhythm and the sleep-wake cycles depend on light and dark, which in turn determines when to sleep, stay awake, feel fatigued, and when hungry. NAD+ is will always be with you throughout the day during all activities.

If the functioning of Sirtuins or NAD+ is disrupted, your Circadian rhythm will not be in order and thus ruin your day